Children Can Be Ideal Translators

Children Can Be Ideal Translators

Have you ever wondered what the ideal time to learn a foreign language is? Experts have proved that foreign languages can be learned with maximum success at the same time as the mother tongue by the child who has started on the path of knowledge.

          The child will not distinguish and will learn the terms from several languages simultaneously while training his memory and atention. For a 2-3 year old child the mother is the same whether she is called mom, madre, mutter or mami. The most important thing is for the people around the child to be consistent, to repeat to the child what each word means and to show patience if the child cannot memorize the word from the first try.  


            The effort shall be truly visible after some years. The adults of today are amazed by how easy young generations use foreign languages. This easiness to express themselves starts exactly from here, from the early introduction of English in the syllabus of grade 0 pupils, as opposed to the generation of 30-40 year olds who began studying the same language six years later.

          However, parents are the main actors who can offer their children a head start with regards to learning a foreign language by repeating daily the same terms from different languages in games, by purchasing bilingual books or by watching televised bilingual programs. It is this way that the next great translators are born because, ultimately, any talent, just as the propensity towards foreign languages, is lost without exercise.

          The child is always eager to learn and has an intrinsic curious nature, so that memorizing and reproducing equivalent terms from different languages can become an excellent game for the child to play from a young age.

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