Extrovert vs Introvert and Learning a Foreign Language

Extrovert vs Introvert and Learning a Foreign Language

Personality type plays a different role in learning a foreign language. Many people think that introverts have an innate ability to understand and master a foreign language faster than extroverts. The latter are believed to be better at interpersonal communication in general and this helps them to speak a foreign language better.

In fact, it takes determination and a variety of study techniques for introverts and extroverts to become fluent in a foreign language. However, people prefer different learning methods, although the end result is the same.

Introverts tend to listen more and to carefully filter every word before uttering it. When learning a foreign language, introverts listen to the words and grasp their meaning and the used grammar rules. When, in general, grammar and its rules are studied from manuals or books, introverts prefer to listen to the rules as they are used by others. Extroverts seek conversation regardless of the social situation. They practice their communication skills in the classroom or even in the street, with strangers. On the other hand, introverts can internalize words that are not noticeable during a conversation and, therefore, can use a lot of words in writing, which they will generally not do when speaking.

For extroverts, personal experience is a defining factor in learning a foreign language. They will integrate in this process many stories and events that they know or took part in. They will share jokes or anecdotes, practicing speaking as a social act. An introvert will use indefinite articles before nouns, making the conversation topic hypothetical.

Many statistical studies showed that there are no significant differences in the abilities of introverts and extroverts to learn, understand or use a foreign language. Both personality types successfully achieve the same results.

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