Happy National Day!

Happy National Day!

Happy National Day to all Romanians, whether they inhabit the Carpathian-Danubian-Pontic area or they chose to live their lives elsewhere! There are times when our steps are led away by the illusion of a better life and times when any Romanian, wherever they are, cannot stop thinking about Romania.

Today, the 1st of December 2016, we celebrate the National Day, the Romanians’ day, the day of our language, a language of Latin origin (as history taught us), born from merging the language of the Romans with that of the Dacians.

This theory of the Romanization of the Romanian people and the creation of the Romanian language has been thoroughly shaken in recent years by a former adviser of Pope John Paul II, Miceal Ledwith, who had unrestricted access to the Vatican library and archives and stated that Romanian is not of Latin origin, but Latin is a Romanian language.

Whatever the truth, it is obvious that the Dacians could not have been colonized, nor could a new language have been created in such a short period of less than 200 years of occupation by the Roman Empire.

What is certain is that the Garden of the Virgin Mary, as Pope John Paul II used to call Romania, may have had a much more glorious past than the one written in the history books, even that of cradle of the Latin civilization, the heart of Europe…

Today, 98 years from the Great Union, it is time to celebrate the Romanian language and the Romanian people!

Happy National Day, Romania!!!

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