Happy Translation Day!

Happy Translation Day!

For a few years now, September 30 has been celebrated as the International Translation Day. On this day we celebrate those who, over time, brought us closer to the rest of the world, revealed and deciphered invaluable masterpieces, helped us create social, political and cultural connections.

Every year, the National Translators Association organizes special meetings and events to discuss the status and the ever-changing working conditions for translators.

From the Bible to Shakespeare’s masterpieces and quantum physics and political sciences treaties, they are all within our grasp due to the work and talent of translators. Through their literary translations, they opened up new horizons, new boundaries and transposed us into different worlds. Without their hard work, we would have remained in isolation and ignorance.

The 21st century has improved the working conditions for translators, as technology improved their work. Translation requests can now be sent online, translations are carried out on computers and delivered online. Thus, an old trade has been propelled to our century by the great technological progress that increased its reliability and promptness.

It is only fair to dedicate a day in the calendar to those who had such a great contribution to our cultural development. Day after day, they strive to create a united world, to lay the foundations of political and social relations, very important for the whole of mankind.

So, on September 30, do not forget to say Happy Translation Day! to all translators and interpreters.

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