How to Overcome the Fear of Writing in a Foreign Language

How to Overcome the Fear of Writing in a Foreign Language

We all know that writing is extremely useful for exercising the brain. Also, it gives us the freedom to express our ideas and opinions in an organized, orderly fashion. Thus, it improves our communication skills.

However, when we have to write in a foreign language it is possible to encounter some difficulties. Here are some ideas for overcoming the fear of expressing ourselves in writing, in a language other than our mother tongue:

  • Concentrate on the process of writing itself and not on the result!

Insecurity may lead to blockages, so does the fear of the unknown. Which is why you must concentrate on the process of writing and forget about your expectations for the time being. What is important is to choose the topic and put on paper your train of thought, and then do some research in order to enrich and view the topic from a different perspective.

  • Be honest!

Honesty is the best policy and draws the reader in. Readers also like it when you talk from your experience and reveal your emotions.

  • Think in a foreign language!

Each time you learn a foreign language you try to translate into your native language, but this is a step backwards. You must learn to organize your thoughts in that particular foreign language.

  • Simplify your thoughts!

Avoid complex sentences! They will confuse readers. You must use concise sentences, without complicated tenses or informal terms. Also, quotations must be accompanied by the source.

  • Forget about perfectionism!

Perfectionism is a mistake. Instead of becoming hung up on the idea of perfectionism you should concentrate on being unique, and creating a specific style.

Therefore, if you speak a foreign language you must express yourself and learn to organise your thoughts in that language, otherwise your knowledge will fade.

Exercise keeps the mind sharp!

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