Interpreters and Translators Have Many Employment Opportunities

Interpreters and Translators Have Many Employment Opportunities

Nowadays, a career as interpreter and translator offers a brilliant future thanks to the growth of global business opportunities and global labor mobility. Interpreting and translations are brilliant specializations on the labor market.

It seems that the translation industry is on a growing trend, a reason for this rapid change being the flexible way in which translators and interpreters can use their skills and knowledge on a daily basis. For an interpreter or a translator there is room for both specialization in a specific field or language compartment and for general application of their knowledge on the labor market.

Companies often want to hire speakers of multiple languages to translate university courses, materials for local events or conferences. Interpreters are being sought after in healthcare, legal, finance and architecture sectors.

A study carried out in the USA estimated that job vacancy would increase by 11% over the next years. The same study estimates a 46% increase of the job offers for translators and interpreters over the next five years, based on the large global labor mobility. This is mainly the case in the USA, where 1 in 5 people does not speak English at home. Thus, the wide range of languages ​​spoken in the USA requires the employment of a large number of interpreters to facilitate the integration of these non-English-speakers on the American labor market. Studies have revealed that 13% of US residents do not speak English at all. This is why interpreters and translators become the tool for the integration of this workforce on the labor market.

As IT communication increases, the need for translators / interpreters will face the same transformation. Whether large or small, companies use online means to increase their revenues and grow as much as possible on the market. In fact, in a permanently connected world, the companies must take advantage of the online environment in order to survive. This is why they need translators for websites or documents sent by email and interpreters for video conferences.

In fact, there are endless possibilities in the increasingly expanding world of translators and interpreters.

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