Interpreter’s Guide to International Conferences

Interpreter’s Guide to International Conferences

Should you find yourself in a position to participate in an international conference as an interpreter, a temporary or permanent company employee, you must be well informed about the field(s) of activity of the participating companies.

A translator’s or interpreter’s job is actually quite challenging, so not knowing the specific terminology for the fields of activity of the companies attending the respective conference will certainly not make a good impression. It is best to do some research before going to the conference, possibly ask the employer about any specific terminology and the corresponding established translations.

As a permanent employee of a company participating in an international conference, the interpreter must research even more thoroughly, look for information about the participating companies, a short description, their fields of activity, managers or directors. Knowing your potential clients will ensure the success of the conference, both for the employee and for the employer.

Even if the company is about to sign important international contracts, an interpreter must be aware of the fact that real contracts are drawn-up in writing. Verbal translations can miss some important aspects of a successful transaction, even if the interpreter is very capable. The written translation of a collaboration or partnership agreement will avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, which benefits both parties.

As a temporary employee, you should be aware that your participation in such a conference may bring you a lot of future benefits if you come across as a well-informed interpreter.

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