IT or Foreign Languages?

IT or Foreign Languages?

The studies carried out in recent years have shown that IT and foreign languages graduates have the best chances to find well-paid jobs.

Smartree, a human resources company, says that these young people are the best paid of all in their first year of activity. The salary of an IT graduate may be as high as RON 3,500 – 4,000, while foreign language graduates, especially those who have studied exotic languages (Arabic, Scandinavian or Asiatic languages) may get a net monthly salary of RON 2,000 – 4,000.

The same human resources company has found that a young speaker of Danish, Swedish, Japanese or Chinese becomes very rapidly a much-sought-after vantage for big companies.

At the opposite end of this classification are the management or economic engineering graduates, as well as the architecture and geology graduates. These specialties do not place emphasis on the future profession of the graduates or on the stages to be covered if one wants to build a career.

Nowadays, the IT continues to dominate the supply and demand on the Romanian labor market, which is clearly due to the constant technical progress and to the large number of foreign investors who open businesses locally. In the last 5 years, software engineering has been the main job-offering field of activity.

There are however many social areas that will be in need of experts in the coming years, such as accounting, logistics and HR. When graduates have the required specialized knowledge but also knowledge of at least one foreign language, they are sure to obtain a job upon graduation.

Foreign languages graduates have a wide range of opportunities in various fields of activity such as outsourcing, HR and tourism, IT, accounting or foreign language teaching, followed maybe by a career as translators. Corporations, translation companies or law offices offer full-time jobs in this field of activity. Freelancers can manage their own time and activity and can work from home or from any other location, being able to travel while saving the time needed to also practice their activities. Translators who master two or more foreign languages can make above-average incomes because translations from one foreign language to another are the best paid.

In recent years, the translation industry is consequently no longer focused on the classic languages (English or French) but is registering an increasing demand for exotic languages needed on the various market outlets. Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian or Hindi are nowadays the most demanded working languages, revealing the current industrial and economic development trend.

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