Music and Foreign Languages

Music and Foreign Languages

While listening to the radio we hear a lot of songs in foreign languages. Most of the songs played on the radio are probably in English, Spanish or Arabic. Although they have a plain message if translated, these songs are catchy due to the language in which they are sung.

In the general public’s imagination, songs in Arabic are covered in mystery or tell of a love drama closely linked to traditions or customs specific to those places. Likewise, lyrics in Spanish transpose us into the well-known Latino world of passion mixed with the intense taste of food or the savor of wine. We can visually associate breathtaking landscapes and different types of people.

The English language is the universal music code that the whole world understands. That is why singers generally choose subjects that are easy to understand and analyzed by listeners. They use English, a world language, to convey simple messages, but with a clear objective of taking them to the top. On the other hand, underground artists frequently use jargon known only to connoisseurs, in order to make a deep impression on the public.

The purpose of mainstream music is plain entertainment, without much concern for the social or economic issues of modern society. Famous artists tend to sing in English. They do not prefer non-world languages, because they often become simple pawns in a huge music industry based on immediate entertainment associated with big money.

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