Non-Verbal Messages in the World of Translators

Non-Verbal Messages in the World of Translators

What makes us choose a certain translation company over another, apart from its prestige? In fact, the human mind can be influenced at non-verbal level and often guides us to make choices we cannot explain at the time.

The interlocutor’s clothes, the size of the company headquarters, the size of an office and the used technology subconsciously make us choose or avoid certain collaborations.

They say that clothes do not make the man, but we all know that a well-chosen suit will communicate social position and class and create a powerful impression on the interlocutor. A modern suit and expensive, carefully polished shoes for a man and high-heeled shoes for a woman are highlights of the professional dress code, visually perceived as a guarantee of seriousness.

The 21st century has shown that big offices stand for power and success, which reflects both on the company image and on the people working there. We all know that rent varies according to the building’s surface area; thus, the client will instantly perceive ample space as a symbol of the company’s financial power, which, in his/her mind, justifies a greater price for translations.

Another important aspect for a translation company’s image is the technology it uses. Nothing convinces the client more of the seriousness and professionalism of a job than modern technology. Pocket computers, thin laptops, briefcases and big mobile phones create a positive impression in the client’s mind, who feels that translators are effective and relentless in their job, always preoccupied with finding a solution for their tasks.

Everything counts in today’s business world, the video-watching children of 15 years ago have become today’s adults, who mainly use their sight to perceive the world.

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