Possible Vices of a Translator

Possible Vices of a Translator

It is said that chefs have great appetite and tend to lose their fitness. Doctors are said to become addicted to caffeine, which allows them to cope with 24-hour shifts. But what are the vices of a translator?

When the nature of your work requires sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time, you may tend to skip meals. Translating may be so captivating that the translator forgets to take the necessary breaks at the right time. As a result, the translator may skip the daily meals and also develop a bad habit of bringing small snacks to his/her desk. This will bring about the habit of always eating or drinking something during work.

Another possible vice of translators is caffeine addiction. American researchers have recently diagnosed an illness called Caffeine Use Disorder. They demonstrated that, in the 21st century, caffeine, a socially accepted drug, is the most used substance on the planet. It dissolves in blood and reaches the brain. It then blocks adenosine receptors, making the brain alert for a limited period of time. Unfortunately, this effect disappears in the case of heavy coffee drinkers, because the brain tries to balance what is going on at the level of the adenosine receptors. Thus, caffeine no longer has the desired effect and the drinker becomes addicted to this accepted drug.

People working in front of a computer, such as translators, know that work is combined with coffee and tobacco consumption. The two accepted drugs go together, because the tobacco dries the mouth and the coffee removes this effect. Unfortunately, smokers carrying out their activity in front of a computer tend to smoke more, cigarettes giving them the opportunity to take a short brake to find the right solution for their tasks.

Even though every socio-professional category has a tendency to acquire specific vices, these stereotypes are not valid for all individuals, because every human being has free will, which allows them to choose what they think is right for them.

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