Sherlock Holmes – Mister International

Sherlock Holmes – Mister International

In 1887, a declining London magazine, Beeton, published a story entitled A Study in Scarlet. The story had already been rejected by many other magazines when it finally found its way to the readers. Beeton classified it as “cheap fiction” – an excuse for paying its author, a provincial doctor, a wretched sum of money.

A Study in Scarlet was the first of the stories with Sherlock Holmes as the main character. Arthur Conan Doyle, the literary parent of Sherlock Holmes, could not have foreseen that this gentleman detective would bring him copyrights in 72 different countries and that the stories about this character will be translated in 57 languages, including Azeri, Frisian and Urdu.

The popularity of Sherlock Holmes has only been surpassed by Shakespeare’s work and the Bible. The character “lived” at 221B Baker Street in London. The company located in this building has had to employ a secretary whose only job is to answer the hundreds of letters delivered every day addressed to Holmes. Four out of five of these letters come from the United States of America. In fact, Americans form a fourth of the members of the Sherlock Holmes London Society.

Holmes is notorious not just on our planet, but also on the Moon. Harrison Schmitt, an astronaut who is passionate about Sherlock, could not resist the temptation to baptize one of the Moon craters the Sherlock Crater.

Thus, the famous detective became known in the Universe as well.

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