The Americans Financially Reward Their Linguists!

The Americans Financially Reward Their Linguists!

Language skills can bring financial advantages on the job market. A primary requirement for many job candidates (such as translators, interpreters) is to master a foreign language and some jobs financially reward those who know a foreign language, even if the job description do not require such skills.

Speakers of multiple languages working for the US Government receive considerable bonuses. For example, CIA employees who speak a foreign language receive a financial bonus of up to $ 35,000 a year. Other American government branches also offer rewards for language skills, including the Army and the Air Force. Interestingly, these language skills are not a mandatory criterion for working with the CIA or other US governmental branches, but such skills are nevertheless taken into consideration when determining the annual salary.

Another interesting job where mastering a foreign language can bring palpable benefits is that of a nanny. People are looking for bilingual youth and parents with financial possibilities want their children to speak multiple foreign languages. That is why bilingual nannies that can negotiate their salary are the parents’ first choice and these nannies can earn much more than the ones who only speak one language. Employers must be aware that they not only hire a person to care for their child, but also a private teacher (who is also expensive if hired separately). This difference can greatly increase a nanny’s income.

Another regular career, but one that can bring financial bonuses by mastering a foreign language, is that of a registered nurse. In California, Spanish-speaking nurses can negotiate a much higher salary than those who only speak English, thanks to the ethnic specificity of the geographical area. The Northwestern US authorities also pay a bonus to doctors who speak old American dialects, because there are many Native American communities in these areas.

The numerous examples show that language skills are paid! That is another reason to start learning a foreign language!

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