The Business Environment Should Look for Chinese Speakers

The Business Environment Should Look for Chinese Speakers

We all know that the United States of America is the world’s greatest financial power. However, China has made huge steps in the past decades. Between 1990 and 2010, China became the second largest financial power of the world, placing itself ahead of Japan, because everyone has heard of the words Made in China.

If China’s financial growth will continue at the same pace in the next 10 years, companies will have to hire Chinese speakers in order to expand their offices across their domestic borders. Currently, companies doing business on the Chinese territory are mainly using English speakers to reach a common point in presentations, conferences, emails, etc.

The Chinese business sector has its particularities, its own car manufacturing companies, luxury brands for various consumer products and even its own internet networks. Even Facebook or Twitter did not enter China so easily. This separation is due to the fact that the big companies did not know how to relate to the Chinese culture and nationalism, which could have been easily achieved if they had addressed local people in Chinese and not in English. The few brands that have entered the Chinese market have succeeded because they have taken into account the cultural differences, the mentality and the need of the Chinese people to be addressed in their own language.

The fact is that the Chinese market is constantly growing, as reflected in the increased income of the population. For this reason, a company may increase its revenues if it manages to enter the Chinese business market. Worldwide recognition of a brand or service goes through the Chinese space, and it is precisely this endeavor that will help a company maintain a leading position in the business environment.

For the above mentioned reasons and for many other reasons, companies should consider hiring Chinese speakers. Also, future students should turn their attention to foreign language faculties and specialize in English – Chinese languages. Such a choice can catapult your career or business in a highly profitable financial position. It is all about thinking ahead!

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