The Importance of Positive Thinking in Achieving Success

The Importance of Positive Thinking in Achieving Success

Irrespective of the social or professional environment we are acting in, we should be aware that we can write our own future by thinking positively. In fact, autosuggestion can open significantly more doors for us than our professional training.

Professional success can be achieved by cultivating a positive thinking and especially by avoiding certain phrases that can irremediably break our wings.

Here are some phrases that no translator or interpreter or any other professional category should utter upon receiving a work task:

It is impossible! This sentence emanates a negative energy and sets the brain on the idea of failure. Once having uttered this phrase, one can no longer be creative enough to find a solution. This is why we should better avoid making such statements not just in the presence of someone else but even to ourselves.

          I cannot do this! If this is your first thought, it will certainly prevent you from finding a solution. The best thing to do is to start by saying: Let’s see how I can do this!

This will not work! This phrase rejects from the start the possibility of solving the problem because it includes a negation. The best thing to do is to try and formulate the sentence without the negation: This will work! And we will immediately feel full of energy and motivated towards success.

It is not my fault! This kind of statement conveys the message that you do not want to assume responsibility for a given situation. A successful person will not try to put the blame on someone else; instead they will always try to find a solution for the problems.

It is not my duty! A work task may not truly belong to your work responsibilities, but solving it promptly and efficiently will bring an advantage to the one who acted in this way. If your boss asks you to solve such a task, do not remind him about your job description since this may be a test to be taken into account for your future promotion.

People have the habit of using them, ignoring the fact that precisely such phrases are the ones to pull them down and keep them blocked in professional and material situations and contexts they finally come to detest. Simply changing your mind-set and passing from I will try to I will succeed can make a huge difference and bring the much coveted success to us.

Just try!

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