The Priorities of an Efficient Translator

The Priorities of an Efficient Translator

Self-employed or employee of a big company, the translator must be aware of the fact that their work cannot be planned well ahead. They will work according to demand, which changes daily in many instances.

This permanent change in the workload could press even heavier on the shoulders of individuals who decided to be their own boss. From this perspective, the prioritization of activities of any kind, professional or personal, becomes highly important. Many times people feel that they cannot stop working until they finish a certain job and get to a point where they are exhausted and end up being unable to work efficiently.

Translators, more than any other professionals, must know themselves very well, be aware of their own biorhythm and analyze their daily routine in order to find out the best option for planning their activity. It is possible for one person to work well early in the morning and for another not to concentrate properly during the same time of the day. Each person must learn to plan important things at the right hours.

Also, being in a category of professionals whose workload changes from one day to the other, it is possible for personal lives to suffer. Translators must plan ahead for a whole month all the important events of their personal life that they wish to attend, maybe from the very beginning of the month. Thus, the permanently changing workload will adapt or at least will also make room from the beginning for a personal life.

Therefore we must all understand, at a certain point in our lives, that life does not only mean work. A fulfilled man is the one who knows how to mix work and relaxation wisely.

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