Translating Transcripts of Records

Translating Transcripts of Records

If people are unhappy with the level of economic development of their country, they migrate to other countries. Romanians often decide to leave, together with their families, for Italy, Spain, France or the UK. Migration does not always bring satisfaction and sometimes they are forced to come back to Romania. In these situations, children who first went to school in Romania and then in another European country must be reintegrated in the Romanian public education system.

The re-registration procedure is quite complicated, starting with the translation of the study documents. This is done by transferring the grades obtained in other European education systems to the Romanian lower and upper secondary education system. The translators of study documents from other countries must also research the specialized terms in order to choose the right correspondent for the student’s assessment procedure (national evaluation, knowledge test, proficiency test, capacity certificate etc.).

Therefore, students who come back to Romania are re-registered in the education system after their parents submit an application, followed by the translated study documents. However, students can only attend the courses and are not registered as ordinary students until the validation of studies procedure is completed. This process is often hampered if the student only went to school in another country and does not speak Romanian very well.

The process can also be delayed by the late arrival of the transcript of records from the country where the student was registered. Only then parents can resort to an authorized translation company to translate the study documents.

Despite the long process, parents must be informed, maybe even by the translation company, that they can meanwhile take their children to school, even though they are not registered as ordinary students.

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