Translators, be Organized!

Translators, be Organized!

Each day, you have to deal with a multitude of urgent tasks. In addition to such professional obligations, your family also claims for a share of your time. This is why you have to organize properly!

You spend much of the day at the workplace, so you should start organizing from the desk you are working at. This does not mean just to have a clean desk, but also a desk judiciously arranged, enabling you to work more productively. You may not really need all those things that lie on your work desk. Old documents, cables and other things can be stored in a remote drawer. The most frequently used things should be placed in the most accessible drawer.

The next step is to organize your briefcase. Try not to keep useless objects, papers from concluded contracts, solved tasks, food or bottles in it. It will only make it more difficult for you to look for the truly necessary objects: mobile phone, money, credit cards and notebook. Smaller briefcases with several compartments are more practical because they cannot be loaded with useless objects and will maintain a certain order among your professional and personal things.

To be as effective as possible, your PC / laptop / tablet should be properly organized. The first impression is always given by the way in which your computer desktop is organized. The best is to keep on the desktop only the folders you are working in, moving the other ones somewhere else, which will prevent your attention from being distracted by a multitude of folders the moment you turn on your computer. Untidiness is wearying and reduces your performance and capacity to concentrate. If you cannot organize properly yourself, you can always use apps to help you organize your desktop (Hazel, Belvedere) or sort your documents (DropIt, Dropbox, Evernote).

Because you spend a lot of time online when performing certain work tasks, you should be careful because the online environment may distract your attention through its numerous social media. Your professional life may require your presence on certain social media, but nobody likes to be constantly interrupted from their work in order to post comments on social media. This is why Facebook offers the possibility to use the Schedule Post option in order to make sure you do not waste your time and to set a daily time interval when to check your new messages.

          Consequently, tidy up your work desk, organize your office computer and even your online environment if you want to do away with the daily stress and truly be productive.

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