Ways of Streamlining Communication

Ways of Streamlining Communication

Communication is mankind’s most important trait and greatest achievement, reflecting people’s ability to turn thoughts into words, with which they are able to share their wishes, ideas and feelings.

Simply put, communication is the process through which a transmitter and a receiver exchange messages containing ideas and feelings.

True barriers can sometimes stand in the way of efficient communication, barriers that cause noticeable differences between the conveyed information and the perceived message. Inefficient communication generates loneliness, conflicts, problems in the family and in everyday life, professional dissatisfaction, psychological stress…

Do you know how to communicate in an efficient way?


For an efficient communication, we must:

-use first-person messages;

be spontaneous in expressing personal opinions, and not try to impose our point of view;

listen carefully, as active listening is a way of listening and responding that improves mutual understanding and helps in overcoming communication barriers. Empathetic communication includes messages of understanding, compassion and affection towards our interlocutor;

-use messages that help our interlocutor to find alternatives, new ways of adressing a situation;

not be preachy, as this generates feelings of anxiety, resentment and prevents the interlocutor form speaking honestly;

not appear condescending, as this may lead to inefficient communication. Equality means unconditional acceptance and respect for any person, regardless of their education or professional training;

take into account emotional factors, try to persuade by logical reasoning without causing frustration, in order to avoid blocking the communication;

use diversion tactics when we want to divert the conversation from the interlocutor’s concerns to our own concerns;

read body language focusing our attention on key factors: facial expression, tone of voice, body posture and gestures.


Translators/interpreters must master the art of conversation. They will be appreciated and respected if they can create a pleasant climate through conversation within their working environment.

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