What Can a Suit Do for You?

What Can a Suit Do for You?

They say that it is not the clothes that matter, but the people wearing them, because it is our personality that outlines the charm of clothing, determines its value, making it distinctive and unique.

However, what can a suit do for us if we want to integrate in a business environment? We all know that the first impression is defined in few seconds, maximum ten, during which our brains classify the person and the communication situation based on visual and auditory criteria. Thus, the clothes, the gestures, the mimic, the tone and the rhythm of the voice define, in our own vision, the individuals we come into contact with and also define us in the eyes of others.

The suit, as a symbol of the business environment, can communicate authority and request respect from others. Simply being well dressed at a meeting / conference / event subtly communicates that you are a person in control, ready and determined. However, the suit will fail to confer authority and good presence for a person who is not used to wearing such clothing, as lack of experience may be obvious and can be read non-verbally.

Anyway, the elegant and confident way of wearing a suit is a social experience that can be learned through exercise, repetition and even by reading books related to self-esteem. There are also image consultants who can give you some extremely useful tips, because a suit should be chosen with great care. Clothes that are too large or too long can create an impression that can be extremely harmful for business success.

When self-confidence increases, it is supported by elegant clothing in a concrete way. That person will send a message of confidence, assurance, authority. The younger generation usually rejects the idea of ​​wearing a suit, considering it obsolete, old. Few of them do not use ripped jeans or loose clothing. However, those who later devote themselves to the business environment gradually realize that being well dressed is the key to success, that people respect you and listen to you much more if you impress them with your clothing.

Businessmen are aware that if they want successful collaborations with important gains, they must first of all wear impeccable clothing!

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