What Else Could Motivate Us to Learn?!

What Else Could Motivate Us to Learn?!

They say that learning a foreign language broadens the mind and opens up new possibilities for your career. True as this may be, we do not really know how things will be 10 or 20 years from now. The learning methods and the reasons why people learn a foreign language have changed dramatically over the years.

What will the future bring us in terms of learning a foreign language? We all begin to study a foreign language in school as per the curriculum. We struggle in school to do our homework as well as we can without being convinced that this will help us in the future.

However, without constant practice, grammar rules begin to fade in our minds. But it is up to us to change things by turning learning into a hobby.

On the other hand, the constant development of digital technologies can become an obstacle in the process of learning a foreign language. We now have Babelverse (which allows us to call selected interpreters and use their services remotely), translation gadgets…

But are these true alternatives? Can we settle for less? Google Translate has evolved significantly over the last years and its future development will probably be amazing. Even if it does not reach the level of a real translator, it can be useful to those who need help.

Nevertheless, the fact that learning a foreign language has a positive impact on the thinking process and changes the neuronal structure may be very important for gaining deep knowledge of a foreign language in the future. It is a well-known fact that people generally do what they believe is good for them and not what they are obligated to do.

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