What Foreign Languages Do Romanians Prefer?

What Foreign Languages Do Romanians Prefer?

For the adults of today, the first foreign language they learned was French. It was at the top of the ranking 25 years ago, just as Russian had been the sole choice 15 years earlier.

Due to contemporary changes, English has become a universally accepted language, the most important one on earth. Wherever you go you will surely meet an English speaker so that you can communicate.

But it seems that Romanians get bored with general rankings quickly, as for several years now the top positions have changed again for us. Romanians have begun to eagerly seek teachers of German, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese for their children. Also, Romanians now prefer schools that teach as many foreign languages as possible and you can enroll your child there with great difficulty.

Today it is believed that it is no longer enough to speak and use English. All young people do this easily. Nowadays, employers are much more interested in other foreign languages you might know, these being an advantage for employment. English speakers in the EU are extremely numerous, but those who can speak and use Chinese or Japanese not so much. Therefore, speaking a language that is not used internationally can be a real asset, which can even help when negotiating your salary. A successful company knows how to retain its employees through motivation and appreciation.            Thus, the Romanian trend to learn as many foreign languages ​​as possible is determined by an economic and professional necessity, where employers are always looking for employees who can bring them added value.

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