Why Is Mathematics a Universal Language?

Why Is Mathematics a Universal Language?

The languages ​​of our planet are very numerous and varied. Generally, a Spanish speaker, for example, cannot speak Japanese correctly. The two languages ​​do not resemble at all, under any circumstances. However, there is a universal language, which can be understood and used by everyone, namely mathematics. This is a language known and used by most cultures. For Arabs, for French and even for people in Malawi 2 + 2 = 4 or Π = 3.14.

Human civilization develops constantly and although the complexity of people increases with the complexity of the language they speak mathematics remains the same, always valid. Mathematics holds together civilizations and the cultures of peoples of the world. It is from mathematics that we borrow the logical principles for everyday life, to solve our problems, to organize our social activities etc. Many mathematical aspects are being used in business, politics, industry, etc. Obviously, numbers and symbols can change, but mathematical principles remain unchanged.

Due to mathematics, the human species has developed and evolved, has progressed and managed to understand the human molecular structure, but also to cook and to build. There are many differences between the metric systems used in the UK and in Europe. The length or some distances are measured in feet and in meters, but the result is the same, although numerically different.

The principle of mathematical probability is the same throughout the world. The chances of rain in the tropical forest are higher than in the desert, but the principle is the same. We have different genetic backgrounds, but the probability to transmit genes to our children follows the same mathematical formulas.

It is easy for us to consider ourselves completely different from each other because we have different tastes in clothes, food, music or even people. But mathematics has remained and will remain the strong link between civilizations, cultures, eras or, why not, between the species of the universe.

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